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About Us

Treasure Coast Medical Associates inc. was founded in 2002. Initially, TCMA provided staffing to the emergency room at Raulerson Hospital in Okeechobee County. Two years later, our first free standing urgent care and family practice clinic opened in Stuart, Florida.

TCMA became interested in the management of Employee Health Clinics after conversations with local municipal human resource directors revealed concerns regarding the escalating claims experience that resulted from low utilization of their employee health clinics. This led to the conclusion that the associated costs would drop drastically if the employee health clinics achieved greater participation. As a physician owned and operated company, we have developed a patient-centered strategy that brings employees into the clinic instead of outside providers and thereby decreases the number of insurance claims.

On April 18th, 2011 the city of Port Saint Lucie awarded TCMA with the contract to provide its employees, dependents, and retirees, with health care services at its employee health center located adjacent to city hall. This contract has been renewed as we continue to show ROI’s of approximately $3.1- $1 spent.

Last year TCMA was awarded the bid for the city of West Palm Beach employee health clinic which serves approximately 1400 employees. We are proud to say that we have doubled the volume of visits in this clinic in the first 6 months of our management. The ROI during this 6 month period (independently verified) was $3.2-$1.

Recently, we have entered into negotiations with Okeechobee County to provide similar services to their employees, making this our 4th location and 3rd employee health contract.