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Employee Health Services

TCMAi is proud to partner with Employers of all sizes, public or private, to provide comprehensive health and wellness clinic management including occupational health services, for their employees, our patients.

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Welcome to Treasure Coast Medical Associates, Inc. (TCMAi)


To reduce to cost of providing employee healthcare benefits to its client’s administration, taxpayers, and shareholders they serve while improving the overall wellness of it clients employees, our patients.


Watch this short video to learn how TCMAi can help your employees. 


Our size, and highly focused staff will work nimbly with your organization to boost employee health and safety, decrease healthcare benefit costs, and cultivate a stable, cohesive team of first class clinical providers.

As a physician owned and managed organization, we have complete control of the policy, decisions and implementation of services. Our on-site clinical management process allows instantaneous changes and modifications to be made to improve the care provided at our clinics.

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