TCMA performs occupational health exams and studies, in all respects for all of our municipal partners that we currently do business with. We have found the most effective way to execute an occupational health service, involves an intimate collaboration with the municipal administration. Specifically, those involved with risk, safety as well as HR can and should be involved. We have also found that there are variances in the requirements in these studies from municipality to municipality further emphasising the importance of collaboration with our municipal partners.

We administer drug tests and blood alcohol tests according to approved chain of custody collection procedures. All of our facilities currently perform these studies in compliance with DOT, NGPSA and employers Drug Free Workplace Safety programs. During hours of operation there is always personnel on site in our clinics, certified to perform BAT testing. We will work collaboratively with the City’s risk and safety administration to ensure these tests are performed as required by the City.

At the moment, we utilize medical review officer attached to Lab Corp when required.

If the appropriate equipment is available on site, stress testing can be performed by our physicians. When the studies are complete a cardiologist is retained to over read the tracings.

Pulmonary function testing is done onsite, by our properly trained staff.

Audiology testing is performed onsite with an audiometer by our staff.

Respiratory Mask fit testing is completed onsite with NIOSH N-95 standards using quantitative testing. If N-99 testing is required, it will be outsourced or equipment can be acquired to perform this in house depending on the funding ramifications and the city administration. Our onsite medical director is willing to provide an in-service lecture to the appropriate employees.

Completed on site. PPD results can be generated by the usage of telemedicine which can save a time consuming second visit to read the TB test.

TCMA staff and employees are prepared to perform any state or federal monitoring program as required, such as flu, pandemics, and other pathological microbiological occurrences.

We will work in collaboration with the City to obtain the specific requirements to perform annual physicals for police and firefighters. The specific number and type of exams completed are provided in our monthly reporting package.

These are performed on site by our providers and the specifics of each function that is tested will be reported in the evaluation.